8 Gluten-Free Foods You Can Find at Walmart (& not necessarily in the GF section)

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If you think finding gluten-free foods means only shopping at speciality grocery stores, I am happy to announce that is not the case! Walmart is a great place to shop. I am able to get almost everything I need in one stop and while saving a few bucks.

Although I continue to stumble upon new gluten-free foods at Walmart, here are a few of my favorite (staple) items:

Gluten-free Bisquick – You’ll find this in the baking isle next to the regular Bisquick. I love this product, because not only can you make pancakes, but you can also use it to make other things (like pizza!). It’s super easy and convenient.


Chex cereal – You will find this in the cereal isle. The best part about Chex cereal is that there are so many good flavors. Chocolate Chex is my favorite, but I like them all. I recently tried the new Vanilla flavor, and it was so yummy!


Gluten-free pastaTinkyada’s Pasta Joy Ready is awesome. You will find this product in the designated gluten-free section of the store. You can’t tell that this pasta is gluten-free (even my husband agrees). They also have a variety of noodle types from shells to spaghetti.


Pre-packaged pork – You can find this product in the refrigerated meat section. It is a pre-seasoned, pre-packaged pork that you just take out the of the sealed bag and bake. There are a variety of flavors and the gluten-free packages clearly state “gluten-free” on the back next to the list of ingredients.


Betty Crocker cookie and cake mixes – You can find these mixes in the regular baking isle. I’ve tried every flavor mix, and they all pass the test. I have to say, the chocolate cake mix is my favorite, and I always get rave reviews from gluten-eaters when I make it.


Chips and rice cakes – You can find a variety of gluten-free snack foods in the chips isle. I love getting the chocolate Quaker rice cakes and spreading peanut butter on them as an after work snack.

1148244_10200542848396172_1811144420_nMeatballs – I was super excited when I found out that Walmart has gluten-free meatballs. You can find them in the refrigerated pork section. You can also get frozen meatballs, if you prefer. I love pairing this with the gluten-free pasta listed above. Walmart also has pasta sauce that is gluten-free. I get Classico or Prego – both are labeled gluten-free on the back.


Corn tortillas – Last, but certainly not least, you can find corn tortillas that are marked gluten-free in the bread/tortilla isle. We use these to make quesadillas, enchiladas, wraps and more. These are mixed in with the regular, flour tortillas so don’t miss them!



4 Gluten-Free Snacks For On-The-Run

When I was first diagnosed with Celiac Disease, I had a really hard time during the day when I wanted a snack. It was normal for me to be able to grab something from a vending machine or at a gas station if I was on-the-run. Now, my choices for snacks are limited, but I have found that there are still great options!

I decided to make a list of a few quick snack options for those of us who are gluten-free and on-the-go:

1. Cheese Sticks

Not only are cheese sticks yummy, but they are also full of protein. This will help keep you full for a longer period of time. Frigo, Kraft and Sargento cheese sticks are all guaranteed gluten-free options.

2. Fruit Snacks

Fruit snacks are not just for kids. Although, this is a great snack for gluten-free children as well. Fruit snacks are packed with Vitamin C, and they offer us a sweat treat for when the urge strikes. A list of gluten-free fruit snacks includes; Kroger’s Fruit Snacks, Nabisco Fruit Snack’s, General Mills Fruit Snacks, Farley’s Brand Gummy Bears, Favorite Brand Gummy and Fruit, Fruit t0 Go (SunRype), Trolli Gummi Candies, Fruit by the Foot, Sunkist Fruit Rolls, Sun-Maid Raisins and Welches Fruit Snacks.

3. Trail Mix

This is a really good option when you are looking for a more substantial snack. A Trail Mix made up of nuts, raisins and chocolate chips is always safe. However, I recommend making your own trail mix, so you know everything within it is gluten-free. There are also gluten-free options available pre-made at the store.

4. Popcorn

If you are looking for a salty and satisfying snack, popcorn is the way to go. A few gluten-free options are Act II Popcorn (except extreme butter), Jiffy Pop Popcorn and Orville Redenbacher’s Popcorn.