Nutritionist Knows Best

Today, after over a week of struggling through my gluten-free diet without any guidance (except for the Internet), I finally got to meet with my school’s athletic nutritionist. Although the Internet taught me a lot of background information, I am happy to report that I have clarified some of the inconsistencies the Internet provided. I also got some great ideas for my everyday life!

The first thing I am thrilled to have learned is that Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups are gluten-free! Special holiday Reese’s and Reese’s Minis may have gluten-containing products, but the normal Reese’s are perfectly fine for Celiacs.

Second, I confirmed that most lunch meat does contain gluten, because of the way it was processed. However, there are gluten-free lunch meats, you just need to get them from the deli. My nutritionist specifically recommended Boar’s Head Lunch Meat, which is all gluten-free.

Third, I cleared up which types of alcoholic beverages I can drink. Because I have been in dry-season (a period of time where we do not drink before a big swim meet) since I started my gluten-free diet, I have not faced this problem yet, but I wanted to clear it up before I decide to hit the bars after my meet. Beer is a definite no, which I already knew, except for the specific gluten-free brands. Vodka is questionable, and my nutritionist recommended not drinking it at all, but especially not drinking any vodkas with flavoring. This explains the inconsistencies I have been finding on this topic online. Wine is safe, so I guess that is my new go-to beverage when I am out on the town. Classy, I know.

As for the rest of the meeting, I gained some new ideas about what to eat on a daily basis. I am excited about my nutritionist’s suggestion to have smoothies for breakfast. That sounds pretty yummy. I am also excited to buy some True North Nut Clusters. She had a big bag from Sams Club in her office, and they were delicious and gluten-free!

The nutritionist’s main advice to me is that I can pretty much eat most foods I want, I just can not eat them mixed together. No more casserole-type foods for me! She suggested eating 25% meat, 25% carbs (rice, beans or potatoes) and 50% fruits or veggies (because they are ALL gluten-free) for dinner every night.