Memorial Weekend Celiac Style

This past weekend I celebrated my first Memorial Day as a celiac. As usual, my family spent the weekend floating on the lake and barbecuing with our friends. Luckily, barbecue food can easily be made into a gluten-free meal. The only special thing that I brought for myself was a gluten free hamburger bun. I normally keep a few in the freezer and take one out the night before I plan to eat it. I did not feel deprived at all during the barbeque. I ate a burger, watermelon, chips and salad.

However, since most of my family and friends were able to enjoy drinking beer for the holiday, I needed to find a substitute for Bud Light. My friend suggested trying the new Michelob Ultra Light Hard Cider, which is naturally gluten-free. I am finding that every time I try a gluten-free beverage, I am pleasantly surprised. This hard cider was good, and I will definitely be buying this product again. I liked it for several reasons. First, it was light, so it did not have a ton of calories like normal hard cider does. Second, it was light in the sense that I could drink more than two without feeling like I drank too much of something sweet. Third, it did have a little sweetness to it, but it also had a beer taste which I liked. It was refreshing on a hot day, and it was fun to try something new.

To celebrate the holiday, I also made American themed rice krispy treats, that were layered in red, white and blue. I made them by using a normal rice krispy treat recipe, with a few modifications. All you need is gluten-free rice krispy cereal, butter, marshmallows and food coloring.

1. In order to achieve the layered affect of red, white a blue, place three separate pots on the oven top on low heat.

2. Melt several tablespoons of butter in each pot, then add the 15 regular sized marshmallows to each pot and stir each until completely melted.

3. Add red food coloring to one pot and blue food coloring to another pot, while leaving one pot white. Add as much or as little food coloring as you want to achieve desired color.

4. Add two and a half cups of gluten-free rice krispies into each separate pot, and stir until the melted marshmallows and cereal are blended.

5. Poor and spread the blue pot of rice krispies into a 9×9 inch greased pan. Next, poor the white pot of rice krispies on top of the blue rice krispies and spread. Fianlly, poor the red rice krispies on top of the white rice krispies and spread.

6. Let cool and enjoy!


Spring Break: Beer and Pizza

Spring break has finally arrived for us college students, and I am happy to be home for the weekend before my mom and I head for Florida on Monday. I love getting to come home for many reasons. But for one, my parents sure know how to take care of my gluten-free needs! I know that when I come home, I will not have to worry about what I am going to eat, because they have stocked up on gluten-free food. 

Last night, I was welcomed home with gluten-free crackers and cheese dip. The crackers were called Mary’s Gone Crackers. I would not recommend them alone, but they sure were good with cheese. It was delicious and definitely held me over until dinner.

For dinner, we had burgers (my parents had a gluten-free bun waiting for me) and baked fries. I also got to try my first gluten-free beer, and I must say that it was WAY better than I expected. I would definitely purchase it again. The only downside was the price was a bit higher than I am used to spending as a college student, but for special occasions it would be great! The name of the beer I had was RedBridge, and I would recommend it to all my gluten-free friends!

Today for lunch, we went to a pizzeria that my parents love called Pi Pizzeria in Saint Louis. My parents recently found out that Pi offers gluten-free options, and they could not wait to get me in to try it out. As always, I was skeptical, but I was not disappointed in the options. We started our meal with a salad called Bada Bing. My boyfriend even liked it, so you know it was good. The waiter said that all of their salads are gluten-free, so I was happy to hear that!

Although they do not offer deep dish gluten-free pizza, the thin crust was really good. I got the East Loop, which was made with mozzarella, pesto, roasted chicken, mushrooms and onions. It was incredible. And for dessert, Pi even had a gluten-free cookie option. They offered cookie sandwiches that were chocolate-chip, gluten-free and vegan. YUMMY!

Needless to say, I left with a happy stomach. Also, the weather was nice, so we were able to eat on the patio. I think that all gluten-free eaters should check out this spot! They even had gluten-free beer on the menu. I did not get it, because it was noon. But hey, this place has it all!