Gluten Free Eating near Traverse City, MI.

We just got back from our annual family vacation in northern Michigan, and I am feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and bronzed. We spent time on the beach, shopping and doing tastings at local wineries. Michigan is truly my home away from home.

This was my second year taking the vacation since going gluten-free. Feeling a little more brave than last year, I decided to do some research looking for local restaurants that I should visit while in the area, and found this awesome support group that suggested restaurants that accommodate gluten-free diners.

The first restaurant we went to was The Knot, which has always been a regular stop for us while in Omena, MI.


This restaurant was not on the local support group’s site, so I was thrilled when we got there and saw a gluten-free menu. I thought I was going to be stuck with a salad. I love it when restaurants include the gluten-free menu with the regular menu, so that you don’t have to ask for one specifically. It is all about convenience for me.


I decided to get the Why Knot Wings, which were delicious. I haven’t had wings in ages. If you are gluten-free and near Omena, MI., The Knot is a great restaurant to visit because of its variety of gluten-free options and beautiful water front view.


The second gluten-friendly restaurant we went to was Pangea’s Pizza Pub in downtown Traverse City, MI. I have noticed this restaurant in the past when in Michigan. They serve their speciality pizza by the slice, and we have seen lines out the door.


I found out this restaurant has gluten-friendly options from the support group’s site. The menu specifically noted its gluten-free crust option, and even better, they don’t charge you more for it!


I ordered the Hawaiian Pizza, and it was great! I loved it, because it was greasy like normal pizza. It is hard to find gluten-free pizza that tastes like regular pizza, and I think that Pangea’s did a great job competing with the ‘real thing.’


There was one other restaurant that I really wanted to try from the support group’s site, called Martha’s Leelanau Table. Unfortunately, we did not have time to stop by, but I have it on the top of my list for next year!


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  1. We could have almost run into each other. My husband and I were in TC a week after you vacationing. Another place to add to your list is Red Mesa Grill They call their menu a Celiac Menu. They were very educated and made us feel good about eating there without a problem. They also have some “sister” establishments that have GF menus too.

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