Spring Break: Beer and Pizza

Spring break has finally arrived for us college students, and I am happy to be home for the weekend before my mom and I head for Florida on Monday. I love getting to come home for many reasons. But for one, my parents sure know how to take care of my gluten-free needs! I know that when I come home, I will not have to worry about what I am going to eat, because they have stocked up on gluten-free food. 

Last night, I was welcomed home with gluten-free crackers and cheese dip. The crackers were called Mary’s Gone Crackers. I would not recommend them alone, but they sure were good with cheese. It was delicious and definitely held me over until dinner.

For dinner, we had burgers (my parents had a gluten-free bun waiting for me) and baked fries. I also got to try my first gluten-free beer, and I must say that it was WAY better than I expected. I would definitely purchase it again. The only downside was the price was a bit higher than I am used to spending as a college student, but for special occasions it would be great! The name of the beer I had was RedBridge, and I would recommend it to all my gluten-free friends!

Today for lunch, we went to a pizzeria that my parents love called Pi Pizzeria in Saint Louis. My parents recently found out that Pi offers gluten-free options, and they could not wait to get me in to try it out. As always, I was skeptical, but I was not disappointed in the options. We started our meal with a salad called Bada Bing. My boyfriend even liked it, so you know it was good. The waiter said that all of their salads are gluten-free, so I was happy to hear that!

Although they do not offer deep dish gluten-free pizza, the thin crust was really good. I got the East Loop, which was made with mozzarella, pesto, roasted chicken, mushrooms and onions. It was incredible. And for dessert, Pi even had a gluten-free cookie option. They offered cookie sandwiches that were chocolate-chip, gluten-free and vegan. YUMMY!

Needless to say, I left with a happy stomach. Also, the weather was nice, so we were able to eat on the patio. I think that all gluten-free eaters should check out this spot! They even had gluten-free beer on the menu. I did not get it, because it was noon. But hey, this place has it all!


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  1. Just stumbled on your blog on WordPress. I’m a gluten free college blogger, too! I was pleasantly surprised by RedBridge as well. Enjoy the rest of your spring break!

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