Team Support At Our Annual Potluck

This weekend, my swim team had our annual pre-conference potluck and tee-shirt decorating party. Everyone brought a dish to share. After my diagnosis of Celiac, events like this have not sounded as exciting as they did in the past. All I can think about is how much of an inconvenience I am to everyone else.

fellow backstrokers decorating t-shirts

Before the potluck, I was certain I would not be able to eat much of anything at the event. As my teammates were writing what they were planning to bring on the Facebook wall for the event, I was realizing that things are just not going to be how they used to be. No pasta, brownies or bread for me.

I knew I would just have to bring my own gluten-free meal, since I would not be able to eat anything else substantial at the potluck. My roommate agreed to bring a chicken-broccoli casserole with me, so I could have at least one gluten-free option. All the ingredients in our dish were gluten-free, minus the topping. My roommate made a good sized portion of our casserole without the gluten-containing topping. I was happy enough with this, because I knew I would at least have something to eat, as long as I was the first one to get my food, because I could not risk cross-contamination.

To my surprise there were lots of gluten-free options for me to eat. My teammates really took care of me. There was salad, baked tomatoes with cheese on top, Frito pie, gluten-free alfredo, gluten-free peanut-butter cookies and Reese’s! I was actually able to eat more than I have since I was diagnosed, because I had so many options.

I am blessed to have a team of girls who went out of their way to ensure I could enjoy the potluck as much as everyone else. That really says a lot about the character of my teammates. You never see what people are willing to do for you, until you have to go through something like this. The support from my teammates has made this transition so much smoother. I appreciate each and every one of my teammates for making this process easier. My team is my family, and this potluck reminded me of that.


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